I fight for a cure for me & our amazing children❤️

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Beautiful Day to Blog πŸ’œ

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've shared my adventures with you. I'm doing ok - some days are better than others. I still have constant headaches and ringing in my ears! It's really annoying but I do the best I can. 

My doctor recommended a CPAP device and it's not too bad. It definitely doesn't relieve my headaches, but I will continue with it and maybe it will get better as time goes on. 

I'm so happy I can spend time with the twins (Tommy & Izzy), and I love every minute with them! They are getting so big and starting to talk a little bit. I am still taking UBER over to Kristen's house and that works well for me and our family.

I'm so glad I have friends nearby and especially grateful for Debbie! We've been friends for many years, and she lives near our house so it's easy to take walks and have lunch when it fits with her schedule. A few days ago we went shopping in Walnut Creek! What a fun day that was πŸ˜€ Thanks to Jane, Maya and Ondine too for taking the time out their schedule to have lunch with me! 

My brother and sister in law came down to visit us a few weeks ago. They live in Auburn and it was so nice to spend time with my cousins! We had so much fun!!  

My brother is also getting the FDA approved drug, Lequmbi.  So far my sister is still ok! 

I've had two sessions of the drug I mentioned above. Bob has come with me both times but going forward we're going to get someone else help occasionally. Bob is super busy with work and we are hoping to find someone who will pick me up and get me to UCSF for some of my sessions. We are working on that now.

I had one MRI a few weeks ago and I survived that!  Thank goodness for Adavan or whatever the drug was they gave me!

So, I think that's about all I can remember I've done it the last few weeks. I'm still addicted to tennis and to Grey's Anatomy. Oh- I did want to mention how grateful I am for my Intel buddy Mike Ursini! He frequently reaches out to make sure I'm doing ok. How sweet is that!!

I almost forgot to talk about how awesome Rusty is! He sleeps in my bed with me and when I'm resting, he sleeps on my lap! He's the best kitty ever! 🐈

And last, but definitely not least! This amazing husband of mine keeps me going and I honestly don't know how I could survive without him! 

Thank you, husband, for all that you do for me and our family and for cooking for us and for making all of our special meals πŸ’˜

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Catching up!

 It’s been quite a while since I’ve Blogged. I’m still doing ok and spending most of my time with my friends and family. And Rusty too of course! I’m also spending time with the  twins at Kristen’s house. They are getting so big and I love every minute with them. They give me so much joyπŸ’–

This year we had a smaller team for our Walk2EndAlz but we still raised a lot of money. I was also so happy to see some of my Intel buddies. Many thanks to Gail for driving out to Danville. And of course Scott Harrison who was with us too. The twins loved everyone and I’m so glad we got a lot of pictures. 

Earlier I flew out to New Jersey with my friend Monika. My other friend - who is also named Monica-  lives there and we had such a wonderful time swimming in the ocean  and having fabulous meals. I’m so thankful for these getaways! I love my home and my family and friends but it’s always nice to do something different! I did miss my kitty Rusty but I survived. 

When I’m at home I spend time reading and resting. I still have headaches and need to lay down most days. I did go through a sleep study and they think I might have sleep apnea 😞 I have another session in a few weeks and I think they will give me a CPAC! I’m not very happy about that and I’m also very claustrophobic, but if it helps me sleep better and might reduce my headaches, I think I should probably do it. What I would really like is to get rid of my headaches! So I will do what the doctor says, and hope things will be better for me. 

We did connect with our doctor at UCSF and he’s trying to get me on the drug Lequmbi. I have an MRI scheduled at UCSF in early February. We’ll see what happens after that! 

Most recently, on December 6 Diablo Magazine and the East Bay Leadership Council, along with presenting sponsors, Contra Costa Oncology, Kaiser Permanente, and Wells Fargo, hosted the 2023 Threads of Hope event at the Lesher Center for the Arts. I was one of the honoraries, and it was wonderful honor and a lovely ceremony. After the event we enjoyed dinner at Skippolini’s pizza in Downtown Walnut Creek with all of our invited guests.

So I guess that’s my update for now. I’m tired and have a headache (as usual) so I’m going to lay down and rest. My Alzheimer’s is definitely progressing  But I just take it one day at a time. I take a rest and if I feel ok I hang out with my friends and my family. And the twins too of course. I  love every minute with them.  I’m trying to go with the flow if I don’t feel well. 

The good news is tennis is on again, so I’ll be watching Rafa, Carlos Alcaraz, Naomi, Ons, you know all of them! And of  course My Favorite❤️ Coco Geoff.

Thanks to all of you for your support and your donations for the Alzheimer’s walk earlier this year. God bless you allπŸ™πŸΌ