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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year - bring it on 2017!

It's raining's been raining for almost two weeks and there's flooding and roads closed and on top of all that, our famous 1000 year old sequoia fell over this weekend! I was extremely sorry to see that, but you don't mess around with mother nature.  With the rain comes slippery roads and so I have been staying close to home.  Utilizing the dry spells to get outside and make sure we have enough groceries for dinner.

Although the skys are gray my spirits are high!  We have already had a great year and I am very excited and hopeful for what 2017 will bring.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog we had a great Christmas and really enjoyed time with our family.  I started knitting another blanket for Michael (our 6 yr old grandson) and have made great progress.  When it's wet outside I like to give myself permission to sit and knit and enjoy the day.  I love being warm and to have my kitties next to me with the fire going.....It's the little things in life....isn't it?

We got an Amazon Echo - Alexa this year and I absolutely love her! I have mine in our bedroom and when I wake up I ask her to turn on Christian music. Very softly and sweetly I wake up to uplifting and inspiring songs that help me start my day with an attitude of gratitude.  Having Alzheimer's does not define me, it does not bring me down. I have a new purpose in life! I have been given an opportunity to help others and raise awareness and hopefully to help find a cure. What a gift💜💜

Not everyone has a purpose.  Or perhaps you haven't figured out what your purpose or passion is yet. I believe in order to reach your potential you need to find your purpose and then passionately work to acheive your goals. Doing the most you can to help others and give back to your family and friends and community. And as my neurologist told me last year after my diagnosis, 'do what makes you happy'. If you are happy then you can work harder to acheive your goals.

Last week I was HOME ALONE for an entire week.  Since my diagnosis I had not been alone for more than a few days.  At first I was a little worried about how I was going to spend my time, and a little scared because it was wet and windy outside.  I went to bed at night with a flashlight in case we lost power. I was sick with a cold but still functioning pretty well. Every day I made a list of things to accomplish so that I could feel like I was doing something productive. Most days were spent knitting and sleeping and watching a little TV.  The highlight of my week was Thursday when I went to the local Alzheimer's office to do some peer to peer phone calls.  The people there are so uplifting and always bring a smile to my face. I walked in a little tired and sick and walked out two hours later with a smile on my face and joy in my heart😊  I am so thankful for them and all the support they have given us.

No matter where you are or what the weather is like, I hope you too can find joy in every day and do something that makes you happy.  I have a holiday planned in Sedona with two of my best girlfriends later this month, we booked our trip to Australia to see our soon to be born grandchild in July and in March we will attend baseball spring training in Scottsdale and watch our Giants with some dear friends!!

I think it's going to be a great year!  Maybe I will qualify for the clinical trial this year and maybe I won't. Either way I'm going to be writing about my disease, talking about it as often as I can and ensuring that everyone knows what Alzheimer's looks like!

God bless you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad to hear that you are putting systems in place to help you throughout your day as you fight back against dementia. I also think it's wonderful that you have found peer to peer support. I always like to share about Dementia Mentors which is a group of people from around the world who also support one another through their journey. I wrote about this wonderful group of individuals here:

  2. Hi Pam. Something about this time of year really goes with working a nice yarn. I spent an unusual amount of time this month "unsupervised" also, LOL. ... and will echo Mike Good's recommendation for Dementia Mentors (but then as Admin, I am very biased)