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Friday, April 21, 2017

Time to retire.....

I don't know why the news shocked me, and honestly saddened me to the point of tears, and sleepless nights. I don't want to retire, I love Intel, I loved working there, I love telling people I'm on medical leave, and how wonderful and supportive everyone has been. That won't be the case any more. I will be retiring at the end of the month. It's been an amazing and wonderful journey filled with so many memories! I don't even know where to begin other than at the beginning.

I took an early retirement from NCR in 2000. They offered a nice package and the economy was doing well. All the new technology and dotcom startups were offering positions that were of interest to me.  I had a great plan to make millions of dollars and retire early😑  While at NCR I was working with Intel, they were my customer and NCR was their vendor.  Intel is rough on their vendors, they are demanding and difficult to work with. When I told all my Intel buddies in the FAB's that I was retiring, one of the managers suggested I come to work at Intel. I remember telling him 'I would NEVER work at Intel'. My reason for that was because the folks I worked with in purchasing were so rough on us and it was such a stressful environment. But a few weeks later after an interview with Dave Miller in Santa Clara California, I was hired. I remember crying the entire drive to the office. I was so scared, the people there (in my mind) were so mean, and much much smarter than I was. Little did I know that 17 years later I would be in tears again, this time devastated at the idea of leaving the company I love so dearly.

I've had the pleasure of working with many kind, loving, funny, intelligent and driven individuals. We all had one goal -- to make Intel a Great Place To Work and to drive revenue and increase market share, and to be the best technology company in the world.  We worked hard and we played hard! I have no regrets other than I wish I still had the mental capacity to continue working.

I traveled frequently, met with many customers and partners, helped drive business for the healthcare division in the West, grew & shaped the Online Sales Center in Oregon and worked for some of the best people I've ever known. I won't mention them specifically but you know who you are. I love each and every one of you! I learned from each of you, and you taught me how to work smarter, not harder. You taught me to fight for what I wanted, and to to dream big! To explore activities where I could use my skills as a coach and mentor. You pushed me to be better. Because of all of you, and all my friends, employees, staff and colleagues, I am sad to say goodbye.

I was honored to serve as Vice Chair of the Women at Intel organization and to see the growth and support for advancement for women increase over the years. The events we held and the support and coaching provided to women has made a very strong impact across the company. Congrats to all of you! Keep pushing for what you want.

It will be hard to drive to Santa Clara at the end of the month and drop off my cell phone and computer. I've never had another computer other than the ones that Intel gave me. Since I'm not good at learning new things I have already ordered the EXACT same laptop that I've been using for several years. I will get a new phone but I honestly don't remember ever having to pay for a cell phone! It's not a problem at all, it's just another change. Change is not good for me and it scares me now, and I think that's why this transition has been a little difficult.

There is no doubt in my mind that when I walk away from RNB (Robert Noyce Building) I will be a mess. My badge will be deactivated and I will not be able to enter again without someone signing me in. It's all part of the process of facing my Alzheimer's, and my inability to work, but this is probably the biggest issue I have had to deal with since my diagnosis.

I hope to see my friends when they are in town, and thank goodness for Facebook and other social media. It allows me to feel connected. I am thankful for the support I feel from all of you and for your comments and texts. Please stay in touch.

Thank you Intel, thank you all for your coaching, guidance and support over the years💜


  1. Beautifully written, Pam. Thank you for your courage to join Intel, and for your leadership that changed the company from the inside out. Now you can tackle the Intel Alumni Network!