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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Living life to the fullest

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. I officially retired on May 1st. I've had newspaper interviews & photo shoots. A TV interview for a PBS special on Baby Boomers AND a full day of testing for the Roche/Genentech clinical trial. I enjoy sharing my story and raising awareness but I also need to remember to rest and not take on too much. I found myself exhausted and last week took two long naps. I thought I would rest for a minutes, but it turned into a three hour snooze fest 😊 I can't remember the last time I slept during the day like that. But obviously I needed it and since my doctor instructed me to 'do what makes me happy' I slept in peace.

This week is back on track with my normal activities of lunch dates and coffee with friends. The wonderful folks at Rivet Revolution are also hosting an event tonight at our country club. For every bracelet that's purchased they will donate $10 to my Move For Minds fund raising effort. All proceeds go to Maria Shriver's Women's Alzheimer's Movement (WAM)!

I'm still waiting to hear if I qualify for the clinical trial. Thinking positive thoughts and praying that this time I will be within range and move forward with the protocol. If not, I will re-evaluate and determine the best next steps. I don't think I will be as emotional about it if I don't qualify, but you never know. I seem to cry at least once every day. But instead of worrying or trying to hold in my emotions, I just let them flow! Some of my tears are happy tears and there's nothing wrong with that. Rusty continues to give me comfort and I'm reminded how special our animals are to us! They really seem to know what we're going through.

Having the freedom to feel your feelings without shame or embarrassment is something we all should be better at.I think too many of us try and keep things down and hide our feelings. But that causes stress and anxiety and sadness. Living with a terminal disease has changed my thinking about a lot of things! And it's all good! I'm more real now, I'm more honest and more intentional. I ask for what I want instead of going along with something that I don't enjoy. I try to give back in some way every single day. And I cherish time with my family and friends

Enjoy your day -- enjoy your family -- give back -- and take care of yourself!

God bless you and thanks for your support 💗


  1. God bless you Pam, for your patience in teaching and leading! How needed you are!

  2. Thanks for the update and the courage to be so honest and helping us better understand your journey and ways we can help. I miss you.

  3. Im so blessed and grateful to have crossed paths. You are a precious angel friend!I love you Pam!