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Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Spring🌹

I think the rain is finally done! At least I hope it’s done. Grey skies and wet roads make me a little gloomy and nervous, especially when I’m driving. I am very careful about my driving because I know it’s a precious gift at this point, almost a privilege. It may even come to an end this week! On Wednesday I have an appointment with the DMV to take the written test. If it’s similar to what I had to do last year I will also have a cognitive interview.

I’ve been taking the practice tests online and failing them miserably. They give you the correct answer when you miss it but I can’t seem to hold that in my brain long enough to get it right the next time. I’m sure that’s pretty normal for someone with Alzheimer, and I do have issues remembering conversations and/or articles that I’ve read too. Last year I passed the test. I only missed one question. On the practice tests I did really well too. But things change for me as time goes on and as we all know this is a progressive disease. So what’s my strategy? What will I do if I can’t drive any more? I’ve got it all figured out😊 Bob and I already talked about it today so we could be prepared. The truth is if I do pass the test this year, I probably most certainly won’t pass it next year.

So we decided to face it head on, just like we’ve done with the diagnosis we got 16 months ago. We are going to find a driver who can be available most days to get me where I need to go. Uber and Lyft are also an option, as is asking my friends and family to help out. I have a bike and we are fortunate to have many stores and restaurants about a mile away. I am determined not to let this get me down! I love to walk and have walked to the grocery store and Starbucks  many times by choice. Going forward I would potentially be doing it out of necessity. That’s ok. We will figure it out💜

Will I be sad if I lose my license? Absolutely. Will I recover and bounce back? Definitely! This is part of the reality of living with Alzheimer’s and Bob and I are prepared to face all the challenges that come with this disease head on. So I will continue to take the practice tests up until I walk into their office, but I’m also going to release this and give it to God. ‘Let Go and Let God’. I’ve been doing that my entire life and it’s what works for me🙏🏼

Besides thinking about my driving test and taking practice tests we have been having some fun! We were up in Chico this weeekend and had a wonderful time. We had a great dinner with Carol & Caitlin on Friday night and spent most of Saturday walking around town. I got to see my friend Mona who works at the Gabrielle Ferrar jewelry store. She’s the one who helped me design my ‘one of a kind’ wedding ring. If you’re looking for something special and that no one else will have, I recommend you meet with Mona. We also had a blast at our friend Frank’s 50th birthday party. It was so good to see the Marinello’s and to watch Maria dance on the table to the ‘dueling pianos’. All in all a great visit.

I had infusion #11 and it went well. No bruising and they found my vein easily. I think they’ve determined that my right wrist is the best place. It’s always exhausting but it’s part of my new ‘job’. Without trials there will never be a cure.

I encourage all of you to look at my previous blog post and sign up for Trial Match. They need people who don’t have Alzheimer’s to get involved too! Every 65 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. If you have any free time I encourage you to reach out to your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter. There are many ways you can help end this epidemic🙁

One of the highlights of the past few weeks was visiting Green Valley Elementary to see Ryan’s 5th grade class. They put on a play about the Revolutionary war. It was very informative and 100% accurate. Ryan played the role of George Washington and he took his role very seriously. It was wonderful and I’m so glad I now have time to attend these ‘once in a lifetime events’ for our grandsons.

This blog is pretty long so  going to sign off now😘 Thanks for all your love and support and for getting involved (if you can).  With blessings to all of you🙏🏻


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