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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Week 11 - COVID-19 LOCKDOWN 😬

Happy Thursday to all of you! Here in California we are on Week 11 of the social distancing orders. Bob and I continue to make the most of it, but we are also really looking forward to spending time with our friends and family. When the time is right of course!

I might have mentioned this last month -- not having contact with people has been hard on me. I'm very much looking forward to being able to touch and hug my friends and family! To eat with them in restaurants and to walk with them in public without a mask on. I will be patient and I will continue to follow the rules and I will continue to pray that California and the East Bay specifically is taking the right measures to keep us safe. And I will do my best to count my blessings and keep my spirits high😊

Since my last blog I've had two more infusions for the Eli Lilly Tau clinical trial.They both went pretty well. We did have some issues with my veins back in April. It took them a while to find my vein and that's always painful and annoying. This week it went pretty well. I wore some cute Katy Perry shoes too and the staff and all my social media followers seem to enjoy them. I try to make the visits as fun as I can and entertain myself with posting about my journey and watching TV on my phone. I'm very thankful to be part of the cure of this horrible disease💜

Most of my days are spent listening to and participating in calls, video chats with friends, as well as joining all the Alzheimer's Assoc events and Advocacy training. The virtual art classes have been fun too! I've kept up my exercise routine too and have enjoyed walking on the Iron Horse Trail. There's more shade there and I can walk on the dirt which is better for my knee.

My brain is definitely getting tired and after two or three calls I'm pretty wiped out. Even calls or FaceTime with friends is exhausting. This month I was able to speak to one of one of my Intel exec's CJ Bruno. It was so good to hear his voice and catch up. We've been in communication via email but that's not the same as talking. He gave me some good advice (as always) and encouraged me to keep fighting! Don't worry CJ - I promise to fight to the end💪 

Yesterday I talked to Paul Sathis too! He and I were peers at Intel and really enjoyed working together. This is the first time we've connected since 2016 and it was great to hear his voice. Thank you Paul!

I've continued to knit almost every day and am almost finished with my project. It's looking really nice and I'm happy I stuck with it. I made some mistakes and had to start all over which is really annoying but I persevered and now its perfect! I'm thinking about auctioning it off to the highest bidder for my Longest Day fundraiser🧶

Kristen continues to check on me every day and sometimes we FaceTime at night while she's cooking. This weekend we're going to spend some time together - with our masks on of course. Hoping to get near the water so we can enjoy looking at something other than our backyards and neighborhood.

Bob continues to amaze me with all of his fabulous plant based meals. He's really enjoying it and I am the lucky one who gets to experience his culinary talents!  We do take breaks and order take-out but most nights he's in the kitchen for several hours drumming up some delicious food.
Master Chef!

I guess that's all that's been happening with me. I really appreciate all the text's and support on Facebook, and for the donations that have been coming in for our Walk2EndAlz. I know times are tough and I appreciate your support and donations.

So onward we go into June next week and with the next social distancing rules it will be interesting to see how Contra Costa County responds. I really wish my hair salon could open up but I can and will cut and color my own hair again if I have to! This is really minor compared to all the other issues.

I hope you're all doing well. I'm here if you want to talk/text/FaceTime. I appreciate your support and your friendship. We will get through this together and hopefully have some fun adventures soon. With lots of touching and hugging and laughing. Rusty continues to keep me sane and is almost always by my side😻

I'm sending ending virtual hugs, prayers and love to all of you💕💕
Rusty my caregiver kitty

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