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Monday, August 24, 2020

Another month at home😵

It's Monday - another day at home. These past few weeks have been a little easier on me. I'm not sure why but I'm going to say that I'm getting used to the routine now. I don't have any expectations for face to face interactions and the cases of COVID in California continue to rise so I don't think we will be opening up any time soon. 

To top off all the COVID scares, our State is now on fire and the air quality is horrible. They are recommending we 'shelter in place'. Which means that we can't go for walk or hang out on our back patio because the air quality is too dangerous! Unfortunately its too hot to walk, or at least it has been for the past few weeks and I'm not interested in walking when the air is so bad.

I am not complaining! We are the lucky ones. We are safe at home, we don't have any fires causing evacuation nearby. We are safe and can tolerate the smoky skies. Some of our friends and family are not that lucky. They have evacuated and are safe. I thank God for that🙏

So what does that leave us with? These changes are causing us to 'pivot'. To do more FaceTime calls, phone calls and texting. To make sure we are taking care of our bodies and our minds by doing cardio, yoga, stretching in the house. And for me it's a reminder that the meditation and prayer time I carve out every day is even more important for my sanity!

Earlier this month I had a weird day. I got up and did my normal routine but I wasn't really up for any activities. I decided to lay down and listen to my book. I must have needed that rest because I actually stayed in bed all day long! I did not eat, I did not sleep, I just rested and enjoyed the downtime and snuggles with Rusty. The following day I felt great. I guess the moral of that story is to listen to your body and take care of yourself.

With all the lockdown I have had plenty of activity and phone calls & Zoom calls with the Alzheimer's Assoc and with my friends. We had a great WALK2ENDALZ kickoff with some new folks who want to form teams this year! That was really fun. I had another Eli Lilly infusion for my clinical trial and thanks to my Intel buddy Amy Hanson I had some super cute "IN N OUT" tennis shoes😎 I try to raise awareness of the necessity of clinical trials when I'm there and even though its exhausting we try to have a good time.

I also wrote my first 'letter to the editor' and it was published! I talked about how difficult COVID was for me and for others living in care centers. I'm sure I mentioned last time that the lack of contact has caused my short term memory to decline pretty dramatically. I continue to use my calendar and my phone to keep track of all my activities. Otherwise I would not be able to remember what happened... sad but true.

Our biggest issue this month was that our air conditioning broke! Of course it was on one of the hottest days of the year. We tried to tough it out but couldn't take it. Thankfully we were able to stay at the hotel nearby. And we went back each day to talk to Rusty and make sure he was ok. We were thankful that on Monday they fixed it and all is good now....

My physical therapy continues and some days are better than other. My shoulder  aches most of the time but I'm getting used to it. Some weeks going to the therapist is my only activity. I'm so thankful I can still drive and get some time out and about.

That was my month! Lots of calls with friends and family and all the texts and photos really keep my spirits high💜 Since I can't go outside today I will find something fun to do. And to continue to 'do what makes me happy'.  I hope all of you can do what makes you happy too!

Love and prayers and blessings to all of you. Stay safe, stay home, wear a mask😷


  1. Not sure if my prior comment went through- so here goes again!
    Judy from the Alz group connected me w your blog as I new to the group- will start when it resumes and shared my blog w Judy.
    Here’s mine:

    1. I just saw this today and I now have your blog saved! Thanks for the note. talk soon on Friday.