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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Happy Holidays 2021 🎄

Happy Holidays to you🎅 It's been quite a while since I posted a blog. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holiday season!

I've been following my therapists advice and doing what makes me happy most days. My cognition has been pretty good and I'm definitely staying active and involved with the Alzheimer's Assoc and with all my friends and family. I try to start my day with meditation, prayer and a nice strong espresso. Lately I've been following up with some non-caffeinated passion & mint tea! It's such a lovely change and the warmth is calming to my stomach!

I really enjoy our weekly support groups - it's nice to understand how some of my peers are dealing with their diagnosis. Its fascinating to me how each of us have different symptoms and difficulties. We are still doing it over ZOOM but hopefully we will be back in the office in 2022.

My last blog was in October, just a few days before our annual #Walk2EndAlz in San Ramon. This year we were able to walk with our friends and family. Last year with COVID we didn't have an official walk event and walked around our neighborhood instead with our immediate family. 

Having the walk again - like it used to be was so wonderful. We had perfect weather and a great turnout. I was the top fundraiser (thanks to all of you!) and so I started the walk and held my blue flower high in the sky! It's always an emotional day and this year we hosted lunch afterwards. I want to thank all of you and all of my Intel buddies for helping me raise almost $48,000💸 Ten thousand more than we raised last year!! With your donations, support and the scientists working hard to find a cure, I know that some day we will #ENDALZ!

I had some fun with my girlfriends and having lunch and hanging out is one of my favorite new pastimes! I'm staying busy at home and knitting, painting and staying in shape with yoga and walking. There's nothing better than being with people I enjoy and who know how important connection is. Thank you all for taking the time to dine with me. Shout out to Vicki, Melaine, Jane, Alice and JeanAnn💓 And anyone else I forgot!

Bob and I have been going to the movies too! I really enjoyed 'King Richard". Even if you're not a tennis fan it's worth the cost of the ticket. I definitely recommend it! We also watched 'House of Gucci' and it was a little too dark for me - Lady Gaga did a fabulous job though.

A few weeks ago Bob and I were able to attend church in person for the first time! I can't tell you how good it felt to be in the church, versus watching on Zoom. Our pastor, and dear friend Steve was preaching and we got to talk with him afterwards. I miss him and I miss church. With Bob's schedule it doesn't always work for us to go in person but I hope and pray that going forward we can attend again very soon🙏

I've done a few speaking events over the past month or so. I worked with Maria Shrivers team - WAM - and participated in one of thier events - virtually of course! Last week I also spoke on a Podcast with the support of the National Alzheimer's Association. It was really fun and I enjoyed meeting everyone virtually who's working on research and helping us find a cure to ENDALZ!!

We did lose a dear family member in early November😥 My Aunt Nancy passed away peacefully at her care facility in Fresno. She was the wife of my mothers brother - Uncle Jack Geary. It's always sad to say goodbye but she had a wonderful life and I will never forget all of the events and fun we had at their house. As I get older I realize that time is precious and I'm doing my best of make the most of it!

Weekends at Kristen are always fun and spending time with their doggy Celly is one of my favorite things to do! He's so fun and cute and loving. We had a good weekend and I helped get things organized and watched some quality TV with Kristen. Ryan was out of town so we got to take over the remote and watch all the fun stuff -- The Voice -- Dirty Dancing and a few others that I don't remember.

I was interviewed by the Mercury News in November about a potential blood test for Alzheimer's. I talked with them about my diagnosis and how difficult it was for me to get my primary physician to refer me to a neurologist. He said that I didn't look like I had Alzheimer's! I am always happy to share my story and my journey of getting the diagnosis and how I'm living with Alzheimer's now. I'm thankful for these opportunities and I will continue to use my voice as long as I can.

So I guess that's all that's going on with me! Rusty continues to keep me smiling and keeping me company when I'm home alone. He's a big fan of The Voice, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order and Heartland😊 He also enjoys Christmas music and likes it when I sing along. This year I decorated with a few items -  no tree but the house is festive and that makes me smile🎄

Speaking of Rusty his birthday was just a few days ago! He's 9 years old now and still going strong. He's my comfort kitty and I honestly can't imagine life without him. 

Bob and I will be celebrating our Anniversary tomorrow and later in the week we are having dinner with his staff at the Walnut Creek Chamber. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone. He's been working hard and traveling back and forth to Chico so it will be nice to have him home for a few weeks!

I'm sending love and blessings to all of you. Your support, phone calls, donations, lunch dates lift me up and keep me smiling! I hope to keep going at this pace for awhile. I'm not sure what happened, or why it happened but I'm in a really good place now and I'm praying that it stays this way for awhile!

Happy Holidays to all of you -- I so appreciate all your love and support💖


  1. Go Pam!!! You continue to be an inspiration!!!

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