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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The gift of love❤

We've been home from Australia for two weeks. I have been struggling with jet lag, headaches and exhaustion the entire time. I wake up feeling good and a few hours later I am exhausted and need a little nap! It's been annoying because I'm a high energy person and like to get things done and be active, but I've learned this past year how important it is to listen to my body, so that's what I've been doing.

Things have finally shifted (or I think they have) and I'm back on track. I still need a little rest in the afternoon but I'm not dragging like I was. Today it's really hot again - it's 92 degrees already and we haven't hit the noon hour yet. That makes walking outside tough unless I get up early which doesn't happen very often.

On another note, my husband gave me an extraordinary gift, really extraordinary and one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. He gave me time with my two grandsons! He asked their mom, Danielle, to be my care giver when he was traveling and out of town. He asked her to move in with us to help care for me! That means every time she has the kids, they will be here😊 We are on the second week of this permanent set up and my heart was filled with joy this morning when I woke up to my sweet boys. Ryan is 10 now and Michael is 7.

This morning Michael was still sleepy and I got to lay with him and help him get dressed for tennis. There really is nothing like grandchildren! Having them near me and in my home lifts me up! They are loud at times and argue and cry and yell, but they are also so sweet and loving and funny and generous. After two weeks in Australia I miss our three grandkids there, so having these guys to 'love on' makes it less painful.

Ryan continually asks me about my Alzheimer's and wants to know how I'm doing and what has changed with me. Michael doesn't really thoroughly understand but he does know I'm 'sick' and need help. I'm sure there will be many moments where I need to leave the room, or go outside while Danielle deals with their 'drama', but the good FAR exceeds the bad.

Thank you Bob! Your gift of love fills me up. Thank you Danielle for being willing to drive and commute to our house which is much further away from your job in San Francisco. Thank you God for your continued blessings and grace that you bestow on this family. We have never been closer and through this journey of Alzheimer's we all have learned what's most important. The little things don't seem so tragic and we are all able to deal with whatever gets thrown at us. We love each other and we know that love conquers all -- through the good times and bad!

Have a great week my friends. Sending love to all of you💜


  1. Its so painful to see your love one suffer from Alzheimer disease and someone who is suffering from this disease by himself would be in so much pain. You are so strong. More power to you.

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