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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Video production going on!

I've been quite busy the past few weeks and the fires in Napa and the surrounding area have been devastating to all of us. The smoke was pretty strong here a few days ago and my eyes were stinging and my nose was burning. So many people lost everything they had and it just breaks my heart. We donated food and diapers and some toys but it just doesn't seem like enough. I continue to pray for everyone who lost their home, their family and friends, their pets and all of their possessions😒

Last week I had my 5th infusion at UCSF and it went much better than the previous one. Thankfully they found my vein in my right arm this time and it was fairly painless. We also had a fund raiser for our Alzheimer's Walk at On Fire Pizza on Wednesday night. It was really fun and we had a great turn out. The best news is we raised over $200 for Alzheimer's research AND I am closer to my fund raising goal of $10,000!!!

Today I have an entire film crew here from Boston, and some local production folks from Petaluma. They are filming me for a commercial focusing on caregivers and the needs they have. It's a full day and they are actually filming me right now typing this blog! They also filmed me outside trimming the roses and just hanging around in the back patio. It's all about support for the caregivers so I'm happy to help and honored to be part of it. They arrived at 9am and will be here all day and into the evening. Unfortunately Bob is out of town in meetings but Kristen, Danielle and my friend Sylvia will be here soon. I'm sure it will be a little emotional for them as they are also part of my caregiver circle.
Most of the filming this morning was around me reading a letter I wrote to all of my friends and family asking for them to support Bob and not to forget him. It was hard to write and hard to read but it's important for everyone to remember Bob and my kids, and not just focus on my needs. As time moves on and I continue to experience more symptoms, Bob will be the one that needs help and support. My kids will need support, my friends and extended family will need support, but Bob is the one who will be taking on the majority of the care giving and I'm sure it won't be fun.

I thought it would be more emotional for me, but they asked me to read the letter several times, at least 20 times and to do things differently each time I read it. After awhile I almost forgot what the words meant and I didn't like that. I stopped and got back in the moment. This is hard, things are hard on both of us and I want to make sure I come across on camera as authentic. The pain is real and I do worry about what's next for my caregivers and the stress of caring for me.

We ended the day around 7pm and took some nice shots of me walking on the golf path with Danielle and Kristen. Our friend and neighbor bought a case of beer for the crew and they had a chance to relax at the end of a long day. Such great people and a very good experience.

I'm finishing this blog the morning after they left. I didn't have time to write the whole thing while they were filming me yesterday. When I reflect about the experience I feel grateful for the opportunity. I am amazed at the all the work it takes to film a 60 second spot. I'm in awe of the professional actors who can cry and evoke emotions on cue! But mostly I am honored for the chance to share my message, to remove the stigma of Alzheimer's, to honor the care givers and to shine a light on SeniorLink and all that they are doing!

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers and blessings💜


  1. Pam,
    What a great post.
    Grateful to you for sharing your story, your home and your "village" of caregivers with all of us at Seniorlink. You are a remarkable woman and it was an absolute treat to spend the day. Laurie

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