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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Walk Season is what?

This year we participated in two Alzheimer’s Association walks, and raised money and donated to eight of them!! The past few months it’s been almost a full time job for me. Sending out emails, posting on social media and continually asking people to help us reach our goal. The outpouring of love and financial support has been overwhelming. The kindness and generosity of our friends and family was beyond spectacular. My heart is literally filled with so much joy and gratitude and I appreciate every single penny that was given to end this horrific disease. Many thanks to all of you who donated, walked with us or for us, and helped to raise over $35,000 💰😀

The Walk events always bring my disease front and center. In Walnut Creek I was on stage with my two grandsons, Ryan & Michael holding the blue flower. There is always a flower ceremony during the walks around the country. Each flower signifies your relationship to Alzheimer’s.

Purple means you lost someone to the disease, Yellow means you are a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or related disorder, Orange is for those supporting the cause and Blue is for those who currently have Alzheimer’s. This year there is also a new flower, a White flower. It is for the first survivor and is held by a very young child at all the walks. We are all hopeful that there will be a cure soon!!!

Having my grandsons with me was wonderful and emotional. Ryan was crying and Michael was uncomfortable with the attention. The good news is they were surrounded by love and our family and friends, and we had a great day. My husband and kids were there of course, and one of my best friends sister and niece joined us from Sacramento.
My sister and best friend from high school also drove up from Modesto to walk with us. I had friends surprise me who I hadn’t seen in years, my ex husband, my step daughter and many many others were also there to support me. It’s because of them and all of you reading this that we were able to raise so much money. That’s what the Alzheimer’s Walk is all about. It’s about coming together and fighting this horrible disease. Spending time outside and showing the world we won’t let Alzheimer’s win. There will be a cure thanks to all of you!!!

Our walk in San Luis Obispo this past Saturday was also great and we were so excited to have our sweet grandson with us from Ventura, and his parents of course. We had a small but mighty group of very dear friends and enjoyed walking around the town together. Lunch afterwards was pretty nice too!

No more walks, no more emails to send. No more nagging on Facebook and Twitter. No more thank you notes to write. It’s time to relax, spend time outside, have lunch with my husband and quit worrying about how much money I raised.

It was a wonderful walk season and I am so thank for the Alzheimer’s Association and their leadership in raising money & awareness to find a cure. And as I mentioned before, I'm so blessed and grateful for all of you.

I’m not worried about what’s next. I’m making every moment matter and know that right now is the best time in my life.  It’s not tomorrow or next year. It’s now!

God bless you all💜♰

And Happy Halloween🎃

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