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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It’s a new day!

I’m home alone right now. The day started out nice but has turned from a sunny chilly day to a very cold, rainy, windy afternoon! Last night my daughter Kristen spent the night and we had a great time. She actually came out our way in time for lunch and then worked at the house the rest of the afternoon. It’s always great to spend time with her and even though she lives nearby, it’s difficult for us to spend as much time together as we would like. We both love Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and Bob doesn’t so it’s a special treat when just the two of us are together and we can eat what we want. We didn’t do anything exciting but it was fun to get caught up on TV that we both misssed over the holidays.

We went for a quick walk this morning too and I was grateful to be outside versus on the treadmill where I’ve been lately. Actually, that’s not true. I was sick for most of the month so I probably have not been on a treadmill in a while. But I have been active and made it to yoga several times. I’m thankful to be ‘on the mend’ and to get back on track. Being sick is certainly no fun at all😔

I’ve been really struggling again with my sleep and have been napping almost every afternoon. It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain. I feel well but then all of the sudden I become exhausted and need to rest. On Monday I had my NorCal/NorNevada Alzheimer’s Board of Directors meeting, which I knew I couldn’t handle in person and had planned on dialing in. Unfortunately I fell asleep that afternoon and missed the first few minutes! That’s how tired I was. Thank goodness everyone totally understood and was just glad I made it to the call and could participate.

This weekend was also wonderful down in San Luis Obispo with Bob. The weather was amazing and we stayed in Avila Beach right across from the ocean. I flew down all by myself!! I am VERY familiar with SFO after all my years of travel so Bob and I knew I could handle it on my own. The only bad news was the flight was delayed over four hours. I made the most of it and did several miles of walking and read an entire magazine cover to cover. No need to get upset about something you can’t control. Life’s too short.....especially my life!

I might have mentioned in an earlier blog that we were going to an event in Sacramento so that I could speak on a panel discussion around the impact of Alzheimer’s on women. That trip turned out to be fabulous! Good advocacy discussions/meetings during the day at the State Capital and then a panel discussion moderated by Liz Hernandez (formerly from Access Hollywood) in the evening.

I was interviewed prior to the panel and as it turns out that article was posted Nationally on Kaiser News and on the front page of many newspapers! Including the Sacramento Bee just a few days ago. My main message was we need to start our own movement, to follow the #metoo phenomenon. We need to raise our hands and tell the world #IhaveAlz and that there’s no shame and no reason not to seek help and get support.

So as you can see it’s been a busy month, but the best news is I am done with my cold and cough and grateful to be back out spreading my message and raising awareness.

My husband is amazing and continues to move his schedule around so that we can be together as often as possible. My friends and family have visited me and stayed with me so that I wouldn’t have to be alone for too long. The Alzheimer’s Association continues to impress me with their amazing staff and wonderful events. I’m not really sure where I would be without their support.

Many thanks to all of you too. I continue to receive texts and emails and letters in the mail from you that lift me up and remind me that ‘I am never alone’. Thank you, God bless you and get your checkbooks ready because Walk Season will be here before you know it😍


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