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Monday, May 14, 2018

I don't have a 'real' job but I sure am busy!

It's been a busy few weeks for me and am remiss in getting online and blogging. I'm sure all of you can understand that! Some days I just don't have the energy to do much at all. It's one of those symptoms that you don't hear much about. I am here to tell you there are some very physical side effects and I am so thankful for the freedom to lay down when needed and 'regroup' via meditation and napping. Maybe it's because of the Clinical Trial (see my previous blog), or the Aricept, or the actual disease itself. I don't know and I don't care. It's real and I deal with it the best I can.

Birthday Breakfast in Avila
I had a wonderful birthday on April 15th and as you can imagine birthdays are very special to me now, as I'm not exactly sure how many more I will remember. I do know that things are moving slowly so I am going to guess that for the next five years I should be in pretty good shape. God willing🙏

Bob and I were in Avila Beach and celebrated with brunch with some wonderful people who I love. It was a surprise! My husband is a little rascal but I was so thankful to see the friends I've made down there, and spend time with our grandson Ben and his amazing parents Phil & Elizabeth. The weather cooperated and I even got my feet wet in the ocean. A beautiful trip for sure. I'm thankful for all my birthdays and appreciate the cards, notes, emails, flowers and gifts this year from many of you who are reading this!

Birthday Paint Party
My friends and daughter Kristen also celebrated with me at home in Danville by painting at a Pinot & Palette event. It was an absolute blast and I love to do crafts, knitting, sewing and painting. My giraffe turned out ok, but it won't be winning any awards😉

Scott, Pam & CJ
Definitely one of the highlights of this month was my secret little trip up to Oregon! One of my favorite people on the planet (who also used to be my boss many years ago) retired and his friends at Intel were hosting a surprise party for him. As soon as I heard about it I KNEW I had to be there. I used to work in Oregon and felt very comfortable flying alone. I'm a very experienced traveler thanks to all my International and domestic business trips so I wasn't worried.

Pam & Murphy
The event was amazing and not only did I get to see Scott (aka Harri) I got to see many other Intel buddies that I miss so VERY much. The best part was seeing Scott's face light up when I walked in the room! He was so happy and so surprised. He deserves all that retirement brings him. He's such a great person, a wonderful dad, husband and grandfather to a TON of babies. It was honestly a huge rush for me and an event filled with love. I also got to see my favorite doggy Murphy and his mommy Mary Galvin. Mary is a dear friend and when I was working up there I used to stay with her when I could. We have shared many meals, great conversation, a few glasses of wine and lots of hugs with Murphy. I call him my 'baby' and I could tell he remembered me even though I haven't seen him in two years.

Marcia Gay Harden
Last week was also a highlight and a first for me. My daughter Kristen and I flew to Southern California to attend a fund raising event for the Alzheimer's Association. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel in Beverly Hills and enjoyed shopping on Rodeo Drive and some amazing sushi for dinner. The next day we both spoke at 'Reason To Hope'. It was a lovely women's event at the Waldorf Astoria. Marcia Gay Harden was the featured speaker, as well as the Alzheimer's Assoc Chief Science Officer, Maria Carrillo. It was great to meet Marcia and learn more about her journey and commitment to end Alzheimer's. She's a lovely woman inside and out.

Pam & Kristen
This was the first time Kristen had spoken publically about my diagnosis. Her speech and introduction was lovely and very touching. I was crying before I got on the stage to share my own story! It was a pivotal moment for her and I think we both realized that the mother / daughter connection to this disease is something that needs to be shared so others can come out of the shadows with their fears and concerns.

It was a magical few days and I am very thankful for the opportunity to reduce the stigma, raise awareness and raise money to help us end Alzheimer's. There was some drama when I returned though. I thought I lost my necklace! It's a sterling silver cross with diamonds in it. I've had it for at least 12 years and I wear it every single day and don't normally take it off. I panicked when I couldn't find it and cried and was almost hyperventilating.

I looked everywhere and then decided to follow my own advice and to 'let go and let God'. The next day I realized my jewelry box has TWO drawers for jewelry. I was so upset the day before that my brain wasn't working and with the anxiety, I think I just shut down! I called Kristen and told her I had a real "Alzheimer's moment", but that the good news was I found my necklace. I'm not sure I'm going to take it off again any time soon😏

Yesterday was Mother's Day and we attended church with our grandsons and Kristen, and then enjoyed lunch outside in the sun. We then spent most of the day at 'Color Me Mine' in Walnut Creek. It was so much fun painting ceramics together! I made a vase and also helped Michael with a dog he was painting. I can't wait to see the finished products next week!

Mother's Day-Color Me Mine
Bob also surprised me with two huge Mother's Day balloons that were in the hall when I woke up. Of course having Ryan and Michael deliver a dozen roses to me was also very special. I am so blessed and I don't take any of this for granted.

This Friday the fun continues as Bob and I fly to Southern California again for an event at the Four Seasons in Thousand Oaks. It's also a fund raiser and Bob and I are both speaking as well as Kimberly Williams-Paisley and others.

It's been a busy few weeks as you can see but many of the days were also spent at home resting, reading, knitting, binge watching 'How To Get Away With Murder' and socializing with my friends when I was up for it. Today I'm too tired to do anything (other than type). I have a headache, I didn't sleep well and one of my best friends is in the hospital. Not all days are good, but every day I do the best I can to spread love & joy, raise awareness of Alzheimer's, praise God, meditate, and to listen to my body.

God bless you all and thank you for your continued support and prayers🙏

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