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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

YOUR Brain Matters 🧠

I'm so frustrated with the weather today. I know that's stupid but I don't like it when it's gray and cloudy. Yesterday it was gorgeous and sunny and warm. I want to sit outside to do my meditation but it's too cold. Darn it πŸ˜”
Things have been busy and before too much time passed I wanted to write about the wonderful event Bob and I attended in Southern California on May 19th. It was another fund raiser for the Alzheimer's Association, 'Your Brain Matters'. This time it was a High Tea at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village. It was the second event I spoke at in two weeks! You might remember my earlier blog about the event my daughter Kristen and I spoke at in Beverly Hills that was just a week earlier. 

This time I was very excited to be with my husband! It had been a long time, over a year actually, since we both spoke publicly about my disease. We flew down the night before and really enjoyed the property and had an amazing dinner. The next day was The Royal Wedding, and Bob was up early watching while I tried to get some much needed sleep.

The room was gorgeous, the venue magnificent and we were both pleased to see so many men in attendance! Before I spoke they showed the PBS 'Brief But Spectacular' video. I think it's posted on my blog so check it out if you haven't seen it. I spoke right afterwards and talked about how hard it was to get the diagnosis, how grateful I was for the Alzheimer's Association and for the unwavering support of my family and friends, and for Bob and all that he gave up to help me deal with this new journey of ours.

I was crying, he was crying and I'm pretty sure the audience was crying. It's so hard to tell my story without being emotional. Bob spoke after me and he too was crying while he spoke, and having a hard time getting the words out. Our emotions are so raw and so real. Our tears come more freely now. We go about our life and our days feeling well most of the time. But whenever there is sadness or we are asked to go back in time to talk about receiving the news and hearing the diagnosis, we get emotional. It's understandable and we acknowledge it, sometimes we try to hide it, but its always there, just below the surface. Even a small obstacle can cause me to burst into tears these days.

Even with all the tears we thoroughly loved being there and met some amazing people. We sat with Kimberly-Williams Paisley, a great actress, mother and wonderful wife to one of my favorite country music artists, Brad Paisley. We listened to her story when she spoke. She lost her mother to dementia in 2016 and hearing her talk about her mom was very moving. I cried again listening and feeling her pain. It was a wonderful and beautiful event. I met some fantastic women and we have connected via social media which I hope allows us to keep in touch!

Having Alzheimer's has allowed us to really make a difference in the world. I hope as time goes on we can continue to tell our story and remove the stigma that is associated with this disease, to get more people involved in advocacy and to be around when we finally find a cureπŸ™

Now it's time for lunch with two of my girlfriends I've known since my kids were in grammar school! I can't wait to catch up.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Make it a great day! Even if the sun isn't shining 😎


  1. Well dear Pam,I was there and able to see you and meet you after I saw you on the amazing video that highlighted early onset. You are so vibrant and passionate about putting all your energy into fighting this disease. So you and Bob are an inspiration. Yes, you had us all crying, including Kimberly Paisley who followed you and needed some time to compose herself. God bless you for getting out there! You make my service on the board and the Women's Initiative have even more meanning!

  2. You and Bob are such amazing champions! You inspire so many people everyday. I hope that the sun comes out for you and that you enjoyed lunch with your friends.

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