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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

It's hot -- really hot today. Over 100 degrees and my energy level is low. We did go to church and I made my amazing husband a nice breakfast. We had lunch with my girls and our grandsons and Bob's youngest son Jonny. It was great, but the restaurant was loud and crowded and I was feeling overwhelmed. Afterwards Ryan and Michael and Lisa went to a movie suitable for kids and we went to a silly movie that was very inappropriate and a little stupid, but it was nice to be in a cool place.

I've been resting since we got home and have a headache. I've been having headaches almost every day and I'm not sure what's going on. I've been taking more naps these days, but feeling happy and continue to exercise, journal and started back on my Spanish again too. I've been knitting and finished another scarf, I'm social and have lunch dates with my friends. But I can't help but feel things are changing and that my weariness is part of the progressive nature of Alzheimer's. I guess time will tell. I truly take one day at a time and I thank God for every day, and do my best to bless all those around me. It lifts me up to give back and I know that is my purpose.

Next week is my first infusion -- it's on July 21st -- The Longest Day! I'm pretty excited about that. I plan on posting pictures and sharing my experience on Facebook and social media. Knowledge is power! Helping others to understand what I'm going through will hopefully help them with their issues and challenges.

The highlight of the week was having Ryan & Michael stay at our house. I love waking up with them and spending time alone with them. Just Buni and her babies πŸ’•I also got to watch them play tennis and am just amazed how two little boys can hit the tennis ball so hard and with such power! Very impressive and excited to see how they do in their next tournament.

Tomorrow Bob's son Phil and wife Elizabeth come to stay for a few days with their darling baby. I'm so excited to have them in town and will take things slow so that I can enjoy every moment.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's and to you moms who serve as both mommy and daddy to your kids. I hope your day was special tooπŸ™πŸ»

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