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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Baby love❤️

We are in Melbourne now, staying with our son and daughter in law and their three kids! We've been here six days already. It's been wonderful, actually better than wonderful.

Getting acclimated in Sydney for a few days was smart. It prepared us for non stop kids, family time and a new born grandson. Anna's mom is here too and she is a Saint! So helpful and talented in the kitchen. Making us homemade pasta and ravioli and deserts. I'm pretty sure my jeans may be a little tight when I get home 😃

Being around the kids and our newborn baby grandson warms my heart. Spending time alone with my daughter in law Anna has been special too. And seeing Grandpa Bob with the kids brings me so much joy! I'm also grateful for the time he's been able to spend with his son Matt. Tomorrow they're going to an Australian football game. My understanding is they don't wear helmets or pads!! I'm sure it will be great and I'm very glad I won't be there. I don't do well in crowds and get very overwhelmed when there's too much going on around me. My ears are also pretty sensitive so staying home with Anna and the kids works well for me.

I'm also almost finished knitting my first sweater. I've been knitting scarfs and blankets since my diagnosis and decided to try a simple sweater pattern. It's been fun and therapeutic. I did have a little emotional meltdown when Virgin Australia told me I couldn't take my knitting needles on the flight...but tears come easy for me now. The littlest thing can really set me off.

I have earned a new nickname while being here. I am the 'baby whisperer'❤️ I love infants and I love comforting them. For some reason I seem to have a special touch and can get Jeremiah to calm down when others can't. I honestly wish I could hold him all day long! When he's unsettled during the day I get to snuggle and rock and love on him!! I can't tell you what a blessing that is. I can feel my heart explode and the love is flowing through me. The innocence of newborns is so special. What a blessing he and our other grandkids are. I thank God every day for the honor and privilege to be their Buni 🙏

It's time for breakfast and to watch some Sesame Street and Telly Tubbies with the kids😃 Vacation time with family is the best!!!

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