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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sydney July 2017

We made it safely to Sydney from San Francisco. A pretty nice and uneventful flight other than a little turbulence. We were fortunate to be in Business Class on the new United Polaris Dreamliner. To me it didn't seem that different from business class on the old planes, but the blankets were softer and supposedly they have upgraded their pillows!! The food was pretty amazing and they have partnered with some well know chefs.

The flight left around 11pm and we were tired, but we forced ourselves to stay awake and have some dinner before going to sleep. I took an Ambien and was able to sleep a few hours but I'm not comfortable sleeping on planes, even with comfy pillows! But I survived and we landed safely. I will also say that the flight crew was one of the bests I've ever had.

The Hilton in Sydney is great and the location is perfect for us. So grateful for our points which allowed us to stay all three nights for free! The food here is amazing and I have been able to eat fruit and vegetables every day. I'm trying really hard to eat according to the MIND healthy diet that we learned about at Move For Minds. Thank goodness the food that's good for my brain are the foods I love.

The other thing I'm really grateful for is the comfort and calmness I feel here. I am not anxious or worried about getting lost (of course I haven't gone anywhere alone yet either). This place is familiar to me. I've stayed at this hotel and two other hotels nearby. Several years ago I was here for a convention with Intel and I still have those memories too. International travel can be hard regardless of Alzheimer's or other cognitive difficulties, but other than complete exhaustion and headaches I think I'm doing ok! That's encouraging and helps me realize that I don't need to let Alzheimer's define me or limit what I do.

We've been getting outside in the sun every day and walking miles and miles to help us get acclimated. My favorite day so far was yesterday at the Zoo. I am an animal freak and some of my friends call me 'Ellie May Clampet'. It was great to see the kangaroos and elephants and all the gorgeous birds. Two of may favorite animals were the Tasmanian Devil and the Red Panda! I posted a video of the little panda...they are so cute and look somewhat like a fox. It was wonderful to be on the water and travel by boat to our destinations. The Sydney skyline is pretty spectacular!

Today we are dragging and having tea across from the hotel. It's almost lunch time and I'm sure we'll get moving soon. Or not..... we are on vacation and tomorrow we will be flying to Melbourne to stay with our son, daughter in law and three grandkids!!! I literally cannot wait to see them and love on them. I'm so grateful we will be staying at their house and will be surrounded by family for the rest of our trip.

That's what makes me happy!! And my doctor told me that what's most important is doing 'what makes me happy'. What a blessed life we have🙏

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