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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Happy Anniversary to me😢

It's been a year....12 long months since I was given my official diagnosis of Younger Onset, Early Stage Alzheimer's. 7/20/16 seems like so longs ago, and yet I can remember almost every minute of that day. The driving, the waiting and waiting and waiting, and more waiting.....along with my kids and my husband, as the doctors were assembling in a conference room upstairs at UCSF Memory & Aging Center.

I remember that it took them quite some time to get to the point and to finally share with us, that I did indeed have Alzheimer's. They asked me if I was clumsy as a child, if I used to be left handed and was forced to be right handed. The questions seemed like stall tactics--but when we were shown the slides and scans of my brain there was no doubt. I knew red was bad and my brain scan had a lot of red.

I'm not sure what happened after that. My family and I were crying and yet deep inside of me I was grateful to finally have a diagnosis and validation of my symptoms & issues. As I've mentioned before I KNEW something was wrong but most people kept dismissing me because of my verbal capabilities.

So here I am today - 12 months later - celebrating, or perhaps a better word is 'honoring' this day and the journey my family & friends and I have been on. I have not done this alone. I have never felt alone and for that I am extremely grateful. The Alzheimer's Association is amazing and has given me opportunities with purpose and provided great support. My friends have rallied around me and stayed in close touch with me. My family, especially my husband has been ever present, always by my side and we are committed to fight this disease together 💜 My Intel family continues to reach out with phone calls, cards and visits. I am truly blessed by all the support I've received this past year.

As we approach the 'Walk To End Alzheimer's' season we will, for the 2nd year in a row, participate in four walks, and hope to raise another $50,000!! So those of you on Facebook please keep a lookout for that😃

I feel the progression of this disease over the past 12 months, but I continue to pray, stay positive, hopeful and to surround myself with activities that stimulate my mind and my body. We will find a cure in my lifetime and I will continue do everything I can to raise awareness and keep this topic front and center.

Happy Anniversary to me! And here's to many many many more!!

Lafayette Reservoir - July 2017


  1. Pam my mom has Alzheimer's for 14 years and is now turning 93 years old. Her younger brother passed away from it. I an extremely touch and inspired by you. I am also here to support you as well. Sending you some big tight hugs, Lisa (My Mom My Hero)...

  2. I have Alzheimer since I was only 17. I am taking stem cells alzheimer's treatment along with other treatments. It's really improving and now I can live my life that I deserve.