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Saturday, July 1, 2017

National Early Stage Advisor Event - 2017

We landed back in San Francisco late last night, I think it was after 10pm.  The flight was wonderful and the seat next to me was vacant which made me very happy! I was able to put my purse and my knitting and other things next to me. United seems to be hiring some good folks as everyone we spoke with was very upbeat and kind.

Thanks to the coaching from my Early Stage Support group in Lafayette, Bob and I were able to pre-board our flight. I have a disability and even though you can't physically see it, it is certainly there 7x24. The airport staff is not allowed to ask what disability you have, so of course we just walked on when they announced those that needed 'extra time' or assistance were able to board. We were seated early on both of our flights and it really helped me get settled. It's amazing how a little assistance and grace from others helps me get through the rough times.

Meeting the Early Stage Advisor Group, and all of the National Alzheimer's Association Staff in Chicago was wonderful! To be with my 'peers' who are just as passionate as I am about raising money, finding a cure and speaking publically about our symptoms and issues was incredible💜 They are ALL so fantastic and very articulate and intelligent. Many from very professional positions and senior executive roles around the country.

We bonded and spent some additional time with a wonderful couple, Phil & Tim. We met by mistake on our first morning while we were stumbling around trying to figure out how to get to the office. They too were lost. The funny thing was that Phil and I were both the ones trying to decipher the directions. We soon realized that the two people who don't know what day it is or what they had for breakfast should not be the ones leading the search for our building! Very funny and I'm so glad they too were lost. They are wonderful, have many dogs and are huge animal lovers like I am! Phil and I have already been in touch and I know we will lean on each other often as we journey down this maze of Alzheimer's together.

The content shared during the meeting was great and I learned a lot and am even more impressed with this amazing organization than I was before I got there. There are many good things coming in the way of advocacy and Medicare planning reimbursement codes, additional funding and hopefully that cure we all need!! It feels good to connect with passionate people who share my condition. We are all working together for the same cause. A cure by 2025 seems more possible now!

I'm exhausted today but excited about our trip to Australia to see our son, daughter in law and three grandbabies!!! We leave late in the evening on Monday July 3rd. I already have my outfit picked out as we will miss the 4th of July! I'm wearing Red White & Blue and will be celebrating in the sky while the rest of you are enjoying the fireworks 😊

I hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy your family and friends! Light a sparkler for me please🎆

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